2018 Events


December 4: Serving Citizens Better through Digital Reinvention™

December 5: FCW Workshop: DevOps: Strategies for Mission-Driven Innovation

December 7: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: Creating A Culture That Drives Innovation

December 11: Big Data, Science and the Cloud

December 14: Washington Technology Industry Workshop: Getting New Solutions into CDM DEFEND


November 8: Government Innovation Awards

November 15: Federal IT Acquisition Summit | Today’s Contracts for Tomorrow’s Government

November 28: Big Issues CDM Conference

November 29: Creating a Future-Forward Government | Is your agency ready?

November 30: Inside the Talent Wars: How to Recruit, Retain and Reward the Best Workers in the Market


October 10: Modernization Summit

October 26: 2019 Outlook and Beyond

October 30: FCW Workshop | Blockchain: A New Approach to Securing Data Transactions


September 21: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Debriefings and Bid Protests

September 27: Accelerate Gov | Fast-Forward Innovation


August 9: Cybersecurity Summit

August 15: Face-to-Face Cloud | Embracing the Hybrid Cloud: Strategies for Success

August 17: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: The M&A Paradigm: How Acquisitions Disrupt the Competitive Landscape


July 11: Defense Systems Summit


June 13: Face-to-Face Digital Services | Digital Transformation: IT Strategies for the Modern Agency


May 9: BMC Federal Exchange

May 17: Software is Eating Government: IT Leads the Way | How IT Leaders are Embracing Digital Strategies to Advance the Mission

May 18: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: Inside the Government’s Hidden Market

May 23: Face-to-Face CDM: New Insights into Network Security

May 25: Washington Technology Industry Day: Department of Homeland Security


April 11: Cybersecurity and the Benefits of Intelligent Automation

April 18: Cloud Summit

April 25: IT @ Digital Speed: What's Really Required


March 13: FCW Workshop | Artificial Intelligence: Moving from Vision to Implementation

March 22: Federal 100 Awards


February 28: Citizen Engagement Summit


January 30: FCW Workshop | Security Innovation in the Cloud



2017 Events




December 6: Can Advanced Technologies Reinvent Shared Services?

December 12: Unlock the True Value of Cloud

December 12: Developer Meetup: Unlock the Value of AI in Cloud


November 1: Big Issues CDM Conference

November 8: Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin: Transforming Government Cybersecurity

November 14: Defense Systems Summit



October 11: Modernization Summit

October 11: Washington Technology Industry Day: Dept. of Health and Human Services

October 12: ForgeRock Federal Forum: Identity and Access Management: Strategies for Securing Digital Government

October 19: GCN dig IT Awards

October 25: Digital Transformation: Laying the Foundation for IT Modernization



September 13: Face-to-Face Digital Services: Emerging Strategies for Digital Transformation



August 9: Security Summit: The Cyber Challenge for a New Era

August 23: Cloud Summit: Building a Cloud-Based Government



July 11: How Contractors Can Drive IoT Innovation in Government

July 18: Mobility Summit

July 20: Federal IT Contracting Insights: Q4 Spending Spree Success (and Beyond!)

July 25: Connected Government: How IoT Will Help You Manage Assets, Resources and People



June 7: BMC Exchange Federal 2017

June 20: Analytics Supporting National Security: Advanced Capabilities for Better Decision-Making

June 21: DevOps Workshop: Accelerating Development for Mission Success

June 27: Achievable Innovation: Strategies for Delivering on the Promise of Digital Operations



May 3: Face-to-Face Cloud: The Next Steps for Federal Cloud

May 12: Defense Contracting: Delivering on the Demands of Secure Cloud for DOD



April 5: Power Players Summit



March 23: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity: CDM: Pushing the Boundaries of Cybersecurity

March 30: The Federal 100 Awards



February 16: Washington Technology Category Management Industry Day

February 22: Citizen Engagement Summit

2016 Events



December 7: Shared Services: A Model for the New Administration

December 15: Washington Technology: DHS Industry Day



November 1: Defense Systems Summit

November 16: Federal IT Acquisition Summit

November 29: Big Issues Summit: Topics at the Top of the Agenda



October 6: Washington Technology Dept. of Health and Human Services Industry Day

October 13: GCN dig IT Awards

October 19: Face-to-Face The 2017 Enterprise Roadmap: Laying the Foundation for Modernization



September 15: Digital Government: From Vision to ROI

September 21: Enterprise Architecture Summit (Cancelled)



August 10: Cloud Summit

August 24: Security Summit



July 12: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: Insights & Opportunities: The Open Source Market Disruption



June 8-9: ACQUIRE



May 11: Face to Face Cybersecurity: CDM: Building Advanced Cyber Strategies



Postponed, Original Date April 5: Face to Face DOD: Defense Game Changers

April 7: Fed 100 Awards Gala

April 12: 3rd Annual FireEye Government Forum: The Path to Cyber Resilience

April 19: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: Inside CSRA

April 27: Federal Focus on Cyber Analytics, Compliance, and Business Agility

April 28: Washington Technology Focus on DHS Industry Day



March 2: Citizen Engagement Summit

March 22: Washington Technology Department of Commerce Industry Day

March 30: Face to Face Cloud: Overcoming Barriers to the Cloud



February 2: BMC Exchange 2016

February 9: Face-to-Face Future Ready Enterprise: Transforming the Delivery of Federal IT Services

February 10: Washington Technology GSA Industry Day

February 16: Network-Centric Warfare: Next Steps Toward Achieving the Vision

February 17: Face to Face Cybersecurity: Unified Security: Strengthening the Cyber Ecosystem





2015 Events



December 1: Washington Technology Focus on DHS Industry Day

December 2: Face-to-Face Big Data: Extending the Benefits of Big Data

December 15: Washington Technology Cybersecurity Industry Day



November 10: Washington Technology Cloud & Mobility Industry Day

November 12: Virtual Event: State and Local Cyber Security: A Guide to Federal Resources

November 17: Face-to-Face Cloud: The 2016 Cloud Roadmap: Going Beyond "Cloud First"



October 6: Big Data: The Path to Mission-Centric Analytics sponsored by Unisys

October 14: GCN Gala

October 15: Unified Cybersecurity: Strategies for Accelerated Cyber Operations sponsored by RSA

October 20: Federal IT Acquisition Summit

October 23: Information Technology Industry Day: Modernizing SSA's IT

October 27: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity: IT Executive Insights: Strategies for Actively Managing Cyber Risk



September 2: Washington Technology Dept. of Health and Human Services Industry Day

September 15: Washington Technology Emerging Tech Industry Day

September 23: Face-to-Face DOD: The Path to JIE (and Beyond)

September 30: FireEye Government Forum CISO Panel Encore Presentation



August 19: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity: CDM: Next Steps toward Better Security



July 23: Washington Technology Department of Defense Industry Day

July 29: Federal Focus on Enabling the Analytics-Driven Agency sponsored by Government Acquisitions



June 2: Federal IT Acquisition Summit

June 8: Citrix Mobility Government Summit

June 10: Face-to-Face Cloud: IT Executive Insights: Cloud Security and Shared Responsibility



May 21: FireEye Government Forum: Advancing the Cyber Enterprise

May 28: Washington Technology Department of Commerce IT Industry Day



April 1: ModernGOV Summit: Strategies for Leading Agency IT Transformation sponsored by Software AG Government Solutions

April 7: New Visions for the Enterprise: Innovation Summit on the Road San Antonio sponsored by Nutanix

April 29: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity: Creating Trusted, Identity-Driven Federal Enterprises



March 11: New Visions for the Enterprise: Innovation Summit on the Road Colorado Springs sponsored by Nutanix

March 12: Federal Focus on Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation sponsored by Government Acquisitions

March 18: Redesign for Results—Drive Agency Efficiency and Performance with Process Improvement sponsored by IBM

March 19: BMC Exchange Federal 2015



February 11: Face-to-Face Next Generation Infrastructure: IT Executive Insights: Managing the Transition to the Virtual Enterprise



January 22: Face-to-Face Cloud: FedRAMP: The Path to Success

January 29: New Visions for the Enterprise: Innovation Summit on the Road sponsored by Nutanix



2014 Events



December 3: Face-to-Face Big Data Management and Analytics 2014: Using Big Data Analytics for Measurable Government Results


November 6: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: Defense Opportunities for 2015 and Beyond

November 18: Washington Technology Contractors & Cocktails: Elections 2014: The Aftermath

November 19: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity: Maintaining a Sharp Edge with Effective Cybersecurity Policies and Practices


October 16: Strategies for Creating Cloud Builder Organizations Across Government sponsored by Juniper Networks

October 17: Social Security Administration 2014 Information Technology Industry Day

October 22: Insider Threat Mitigation Strategies


September 17: Face-to-Face Government Health IT: The Next Stage of Meaningful Use—Advancing the Next-Generation of Health IT


August 12: Identity Proofing Essentials for Effective Government Operations sponsored by Equifax

August 19: Washington Technology Power Breakfast: LPTA: A Hate-Hate Relationship

August 20: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity: Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation


July 22: Reinventing Agency Processes for Streamlined Operations sponsored by IBM


June 4: Government IT at a Crossroads: Emerging Strategies for Mission-Critical Services sponsored by Cisco

June 11: Federal Summit 2014: Building our Future: Creating Value and Impact for Mission Success sponsored by IBM

June 24: Face-to-Face Big Data Management and Analytics: Lessons from Mission-Driven Initiatives


May 2: Lead the Shift: Strategies to Implement Common Core Standards for All Students sponsored by Teaching Channel

May 6: Evolving Agency Architectures: Optimized, Hosted, and Virtual sponsored by Oracle

May 22: 2014 Government Forum: Combating 21st Century Cyber Threats sponsored by FireEye & Mandiant

May 22: Transforming Education for the 21st Century sponsored by PCMG


April 2: FCW One-on-One: Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know sponsored by NetApp and SwishData

April 24: 2014 Federal Healthcare Forum sponsored by IBM

April 29: A Clearing in the Clouds: News Models of IT Consumption sponsored by Cisco


March 18: Face-to-Face Cybersecurity 2014: Pro-Active Approaches for Vigilance and Resilience

March 26: Face-to-Face Cloud: Buying Into the Cloud—Acquisition Approaches


February 20: Scaling Networks Securely and Cost Effectively sponsored by Ciena

February 26: How Smart Processes Enable Effective Agency Operations sponsored by IBM



January 29: FCW Executive Briefing - Cloud Computing and Federal IT Evolution for 2014



2013 Events



November 7: GCN Tech Essentials - 3rd Annual Mobility Forum

November 14: FCW Executive Briefing - Federal Identity and Access Management Update

November 19: GCN Tech Essentials - Understanding Software-Defined Networks – The Fundamentals

November 21: Efficient Agency IT Modernization Strategies Summit sponsored by Software AG Government Solutions


October 16: FCW Executive Briefing - Examining Insider Threats, Digital Forensics, and Incident Response

October 22: 2013 Federal Cloud Innovation Forum: Innovation Without Risk

October 24: FCW Executive Briefing - Big Data: Analytics in Action



September 12: FCW Executive Briefing - Addressing Economic Espionage—From Fraud to the Cybersecurity Frontier



August 8: GCN Tech Essentials - Virtualization and Managing Virtual Environments



July 18: FCW Executive Briefing - Cybersecurity Policy and Practice Updates-and What's Driving Them

July 25: Defense Systems Innovation Forum - Transformative Technologies for the Warfighter-Moving Ahead with Mobility



June 6: Leveraging Breakthroughs in Mobile Voice, Video and Data for the Warfighter sponsored by VMware

June 13: GCN Tech Essentials - Envisioning Modernized Agency Infrastructures

June 20: FCW Executive Briefing - Managing Big Data for Results



May 2: FCW Executive Briefing - Enabling Secure Mobile Enterprise Operations

May 2: Digital Government Series Denver: Driving Citizen Engagement and Operational Efficiency sponsored by Adobe

May 30: FCW Executive Briefing - Enabling Collaboration and Telework Adoption



April 4: FCW Executive Briefing - Mobile Computing: Device Management Strategies

April 9: Cloud 201: Getting Both - Efficiency & Agility With Public and Private Clouds sponsored by Cisco and Intel

April 17: Everything as a Service: Myth or Reality? sponsored by Verizon

April 24: GCN Tech Essentials - Optimizing Operations with Secure Cloud Computing

April 25: National Townhall on Collaboration Evolution sponsored by Cisco

April 25: Digital Government Series Baltimore: Driving Citizen Engagement and Operational Efficiency sponsored by Adobe

April 30: Digital Government Series Atlanta: Driving Citizen Engagement and Operational Efficiency sponsored by Adobe



March 13: Cloud 101: A Primer on Cloud for Government and Education Professionals sponsored by Cisco and Intel

March 21: FCW Executive Briefing - Cloud I: Transforming Federal IT Architectures

March 28: FCW Executive Briefing - Waste, Fraud and Abuse I: Detecting and Preventing Wasteful and Improper Payments



February 12: Adobe Government Assembly

February 28: Technology Leadership Series: Big Data Analytics in the New Budget Reality sponsored by GTSI



2012 Events


December 4: Keys to Next Generation Security Operations sponsored by Merlin

December 5: FCW Executive Briefing: 2nd Annual Government Mobility Forum

December 12: FCW Executive Briefing: Is Big Data a Big Deal for Government?

December 13: GCN Technology Briefing: Federal Networking Strategies for 2013 and Beyond

December 21: Virtual Event Analytics for Smarter Government Online Conference sponsored by IBM 


November 8: FCW Executive Briefing: How Data Centers and Cloud Computing Are Transforming Agency Operations

November 13: Akamai Government Forum

November 13: Virtual Event - Data Center Decathlon Telewebcast sponsored by Cisco


October 4: FCW Executive Briefing: Cybersecurity 2013 - Security Management Strategies

October 5: Virtual Event - Making Cloud a Reality — How to Procure, Migrate and Adapt to the Government Cloud sponsored by GTSI

October 17: The Data Center Decathlon sponsored by Cisco, Intel and NetApp

October 18: Protecting Agency Assets with Trusted Identity Proofing sponsored by Experian

October 25: Virtual Event - Defending Cyber Borders: Beyond the Virtual Maginot Line sponsored by Cisco


September 12: FCW Executive Briefing: A Cloud on Every Desk: Moving Towards a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

September 13: Improving Cybersecurity Situational Awareness sponsored by McAfee

September 27: FCW Executive Briefing: Optimizing Operations with Applications Performance Management 


August 9: FCW Executive Briefing: The End of Waste: Reducing Fraud and Improper Payments for a New Government Paradigm

August 22: Big Data – Exploring Cybersecurity and Scientific Use Cases sponsored by Cisco


July 18: Technology Leadership Series: Making Cloud a Reality sponsored by GTSI

July 19: FCW Executive Briefing: Enabling the Mobile Federal Workforce

July 25: Applying Technology for Improved Health Information Management sponsored by immixGroup


June 5: Telework Management Strategies: Mandates, Culture, and Getting the Job Done sponsored by immixGroup

June 7: FCW Executive Briefing: Why an Effective Identity Ecosystem is Essential for Critical Infrastructure Protection

June 14: FCW Executive Briefing: Putting Content Management and Analysis To Work for Agency Results 


May 10: Government Solutions Summit: Achieving Savings from Year One sponsored by Micro Focus

May 15: Big Data - Implications and Opportunities for Federal Government sponsored by Cisco

May 16: Mobile Government Implementation Strategies: Challenges and Opportunity sponsored by immixGroup

May 17: FCW Executive Briefing: Fortifying Cybersecurity—Focus on Network Risk Mitigation

May 31: FCW Executive Briefing: Why an Effective Identity Ecosystem is Essential for Critical Infrastructure Protection 


April 12: The Role of IT in Transforming American Health Systems sponsored by Northrop Grumman

April 19: Rumble in the IT Jungle – Delivering the Desktop to Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere sponsored by Citrix

April 26: Securing Information in a World without Boundaries sponsored by Adobe


March 13: It's 2012--Do You Know Where Your Data Is -- And Can You Prove It's Secure? sponsored by McAfee

March 15: FCW Executive Briefing: Transforming Federal IT Environments – From the Data Center to the Cloud

March 20: Social Business for Government Summit sponsored by IBM

March 30: Online Encore Presentation: The Lightning Rod for Transformation: Effective Cloud Management sponsored by VMware and Cisco


February 8: Adobe Government Assembly

February 15: FCW Executive Briefing: Secure Cyber Operations Start Here: Who Are You and How Can I Be Sure?


January 13: Mythbusting Guide to Federal Data Centers and the Cloud Sponsored by Juniper

January 18: Cybersecurity Implementation Strategies for Present and Emerging Threats Sponsored by immixGroup

January 19: Technology Leadership Series: Let's Talk Cloud Computing Sponsored by GTSI

January 20: Cloud First Strategies — One Year Later(Event + Online Seminar)

January 25: Fed 100 Master Class: Cloud Computing Sponsored Northrop Grumman

January 27: Government Mobility Forum (Event + Online Seminar)


2011 Events


December 8: Government Mobility Forum


November 1: The Lightning Rod for Transformation — Effective Cloud Management Sponsored by VMware and Cisco

November 3: Intersection of Security and Information Sharing: How to Improve Government Efficiency in a Security Conscious World Sponsored by Adobe

November 17: ID-Proofing and the Future of Government eAuthentication Sponsored by Experian

November 30: Smarter Buildings for a Smarter Government Sponsored by IBM


October 6: FCW Executive Briefing - Leveraging IT for Effective Government Healthcare Programs

October 13: Creating Unified National Strategies for Cybersecurity Sponsored by Verizon

October 20: Get Your Network Ready for the Cloud Age Sponsored by Citrix


September 13: Network Security Forum - How Integrated Cyber Defense Supports DoD IT Efficiencies Sponsored by McAfee

September 20: Using Enterprise Content Management to Detect and Prevent Fraud Sponsored by IBM

September 21: IT Efficiency Seminar: Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Storage Sponsored by Dell

September 22: FCW Executive Briefing - Digital Forensics and E-Discovery Update

September 27: Cloud with Confidence Sponsored by Cisco


August 17: FCW Executive Briefing - Redefining the Federal Data Center

August 18: Shaping Government Efficiency with Collaboration Sponsored by Adobe

August 18: The Next-Generation Mobile Government Experience: From the Enterprise to the Citizen Sponsored by Cisco


July 20: Engaging the Evolving National Cybersecurity Agenda Sponsored by Juniper

July 26: FCW Executive Briefing - Moving Telework from Policy to Practice: Leveraging Innovative Technology and Strategy  


June 2: Understanding Emergency Mass Notification Across Unified Communications Sponsored by Cisco and At Hoc

June 7: Making Cloud Achievable: Delivering Agility, Efficiency, and Innovation Sponsored by CDWG

June 9: Breached: A Cyber Attack in America Sponsored by Merlin


May 3: The Decision-Points of the Cloud Transition: Is Your Agency Ready? Sponsored by Adobe

May 4: Focus on FISMA Implementation—Practical Approaches and Results Sponsored by Patriot Technologies

May 12: Network Security Forum: Developing Effective Cybersecurity Strategies Sponsored by McAfee

May 18: FCW Executive Briefing - Managing Cybersecurity by Mitigating Risk

May 24: National Town Hall on Cybersecurity: A Provocative Online Video Discussion Sponsored by Cisco and ISC(2)


April 6: IT Visibility. Solved. The Key to Solving Your Critical IT Challenges Sponsored by BDNA

April 12: In Focus for 2011: Secure Virtual Computing, IT Efficiency, and Becoming Cloud-Ready Sponsored by Citrix

April 14: Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Content-Centric Security Sponsored by Adobe

April 26: Federal IT Acquisition Summit: Exploring Strategies, Options & Innovations Presented by NASA SEWP


March 1: Leverage the Power of Online Analytics to Elevate Your Agency's Performance Sponsored by Adobe

March 3: DoD Network Solutions Forum: Supporting Mission Assurance with Communications Security Sponsored by McAfee

March 23: The Challenge of Improper Payments: Leveraging Technology to Prevent Federal Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Sponsored by Lexis Nexis

March 24: Experience the Business Benefits of Collaboration Sponsored by Cisco


February 10: Technology Leadership Series: Let's Talk Desktop Virtualization Sponsored by GTSI

February 15: Making a Successful Transition to IPv6 Sponsored by Cisco

February 16: Enterprise Strategies for Efficient Government Operations Sponsored by Dell

February 17: Convergence in the Next Generation Data Center Sponsored by Brocade

February 23: 40% by 2015: Where Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Computing Meet Sponsored by VMware


January 12: Bridging the Gap from FISMA to FISMA 2.0 Sponsored by Patriot Technologies 

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