Transforming Desktop Computing: New Ways for People and IT to Work

Andy Banks, Federal Systems Engineer, Citrix
Glenn L. Hagan, Technical Account Manager, NetApp
Seth Wilensky, Federal Territory Manger, GTC Systems Inc  
Rhys Ziemer, Senior Technology Specialist, Microsoft

You will learn:

  • Managing teams effectively in the face of future flu/pandemic and Snowmageddon events
  • Understanding the impact of IT consumerization and BYOPC
  • Enabling your workforce with telework programs
  • Reducing overall costs, improve productivity, increase flexibility and security

Making Mission-Critical Applications Cloud-Ready

Andy Banks, Federal Systems Engineer, Citrix

You will learn:

  • Reducing datacenter footprint and meet green IT objectives
  • Realizing application and data consolidation goals
  • Making datacenter modernization a reality
  • Moving forward into the private cloud

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June 21, 2011

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Federal Computer Week

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