How to Deliver Trusted Network Connectivity

Those focused on DoD network protection have long understood they operate within an ever-evolving threat landscape, with new adversaries and attack vectors emerging on a routine basis. With millions of computing assets at risk, DoD cyber defense implementation must be integrated, agile and redundant to ensure highly-trusted and available global communications.

Delivering this kind of cybersecurity infrastructure to warfighters worldwide, with many deployed in compromised operating conditions, is no small endeavor. And the proliferation of mobile computing devices and new methods of communicating, including social media networks, have introduced unprecedented complexity into the challenge of delivering, trusted network connectivity for DoD enterprises.

Join Defense Systems and McAfee for the third DoD Network Security Forum on September 13 at the Willard Hotel to hear directly from government and industry practitioners who are fighting the cyber defense war behind the scenes.

You will hear insights on:

  • >> How DoD professionals are collaborating to focus where the adversaries are focused

  • >> Efforts to adapt user behavior to limit inadvertent data breach or network penetration

  • >> Primary threats and cyber vulnerabilities that DoD network defenders face today

  • >> The impact of mobile devices, social media and the applications layer on DoD networks

  • >> How the always-on network provides challenges and opportunities for continuous monitoring of cyber activity

  • >> The very latest trends in offshore hacker tactics and cyber attack objectives


Do not miss your opportunity to share insights with your colleagues and expert faculty who are jointly developing tomorrow’s cyber defense strategies.


Tuesday, September 13

7:30 - 8:30 AM
Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:30 - 11:30 AM

The Willard Hotel
Washington, DC