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Information is on the move. In 2011, IDC reported that smart phone shipments exceeded PCs, and Gartner predicted that over 54.8 million media tablets will have shipped during the same time. New industry reports show that government agencies are leveraging this trend, identifying a meteoric rise of mobile device demand in the public sector

The message is clear: the explosion of mobile devices and apps deliver unprecedented productivity gains and cost-savings for many agencies.

But they also bring significant security concerns: 

  • How does an agency ensure continued security of a document no matter what device it is on?
  • How can an agency maintain information security when a mobile device is lost or stolen?
  • How can an agency share information and documents with other agencies and across mobile devices without exposing their internal agency networks?
  • How can an agency effectively audit and track a document’s complete path and actions take (such as download, print, edit), regardless of whether it travels inside or outside the agency firewall?

Securing information used to mean securing at the perimeter. But what do you do when your agency’s information perimeter is constantly growing with the addition of highly mobile architecture? How does an agency effectively leverage mobile devices while ensuring the security and authenticity of its information?

It begins with a shift in thinking. And you’re invited to participate.

On April 26th, 2012 select government agency and industry leaders will come together to discuss the different ways of securing agency information and documents within today’s mobile environment. You are invited to learn and discuss proven methods and technologies that will allow you to ensure the highest levels of document security and tracking across your agency – regardless of the device it’s on or the network it travels through.

Event Information

Thursday, April 26, 2012

7:30 - 11:30 AM


The Willard InterContinental Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC

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