Join 1105 Media in partnership with Cisco, NetApp and Intel for The Data Center Decathlon – a half-day interactive seminar for senior government executives and data center professionals who must drive data center efficiency, consolidation, and where possible, move workloads to the cloud. 

As government leaders struggle to improve performance while lowering cost there is a demand for IT resources built from the ground up for virtualization.  The Data Center Decathlon will explore converged server and storage architectures that drive data center fitness in 10 unique ways.

An Enterprise Architecture Approach:  Learn the easy-to-use and deployed data center solution that reduces risk and lowers cost.  Government and industry executives will discuss the following issues as they relate the health of your agency’s data center:

  • Scalability – How do agencies scale their storage investment?
  • Cost Savings – How can agencies cut their IT infrastructure costs in half and achieve payback in less than a year?
  • IT Resource Deployment – What are the leading best practices in data center virtualization and asset utilization?
  • Consolidation – How can agencies build an infrastructure that enables rapid deployment of applications and greater service availability?
  • Cloud-First – How do agencies achieve greater cross-functional resource sharing?
  • Energy Savings – What are today’s best practices for energy-efficient storage?
  • Footprint – From facilities to networks, how do agencies increase overall storage efficiency and reduce operating costs?
  • Secure Multi-Tenancy – How do agencies determine secure isolation and involvement at every level of the IT organization?
  • Performance – As data needs expand at exponential rates, how do agencies become more agile in their service delivery?
  • Agility – With the consolidation of smaller data centers, as well as “lift” and “shift” projects, how do agencies keep pace with more complex applications and systems? 

Event Information

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8:00  - 12:00 PM 

The Hamilton Live
600 14th Street
Washington, DC 20005

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