Free Government eAuthentication Seminar
Manage Identities Within & Beyond Your Agency's IT Infrastructure

Recent data breaches to government systems have stolen headlines in the past few months. Whether perpetrated by foreign governments or by anonymous hacking groups, the attacks underscore a clear and present danger to government systems and citizens’ identities. As more and more agencies comply with open-government mandates to provide online access to citizens, the need to protect identities and control unauthorized access continues to grow. Indeed, the issue of identity management stands at the convergence of commerce and national security, where cyberspace and public interest meet.

To address this problem, the Obama administration’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) was codified this year into a new program office within the Department of Commerce. The choice of Commerce is more than coincidental, as public-private partnerships and industry best practices will form the core of the office’s national mission. Tasked with identifying new standards for identity verification such as identity proofing and e-authentication, the effort will leverage advances from banking, finance and other private-sector industries to create a wide-scale, interoperable system that enhances security and privacy. Federal agencies across the government are watching closely, since the Administration’s push toward online cloud services and open-government initiatives places greater pressure on agencies to manage identities within — and beyond — their traditional IT infrastructure.

Join Federal Computer Week and Experian, on November 17 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C for this FREE solutions seminar to see what Federal agencies are doing today to protect their networks and manage information access.

You Will Learn:

  • The next phase in government identity management standards and e-authentication
  • How government organizations are affected by cybersecurity policies, initiatives and requirements, such as NIST 800-63-1/Electronic Authentication Guideline/levels of assurance
  • How government and industry are working together to integrate identity-proofing initiatives into existing infrastructures
  • Tested industry approaches for identity proofing, including risk-based authentication
  • The latest trends in e-authentication and cutting-edge approaches used in various industries
  • Best practices, case studies and e-authentication lessons learned from the banking, public-sector and health care industries

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear expert speakers answer your questions on cybersecurity policy developments, the latest technology initiatives, and best practices for managing access to electronic information. 


Event Details

November 17, 2011

7:30 - 11:45 am

The Willard Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004

Who Should Attend?

  • > CIOs
  • > CISOs
  • > Inspectors general
  • > ICAM advisors
  • > Cybersecurity strategists

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