In 2010, a number of high profile document leaks put government organizations and their people at risk. Existing approaches protecting the perimeter, networks, and storage are no longer sufficient. In a world of portable devices, email, and even printed pages — old habits need review.

Content-centric security is a new way to approach the federal security infrastructure. Implementing security at the content layer through strong encryption, access controls, and detailed usage auditing can provide assurance independent of any storage or transport. Already, content-centric security has been embraced by commercial enterprises to protect intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), and consumer privacy. Today it is ready to fully support agencies secure Information Sharing Environments, with role based access that leverages CAC/PIV two-factor authentication and detailed analytics.

Register today for this free executive breakfast seminar and learn:

  • The limits of storage and transport-based security
  • How agencies can implement content-centric security into their information lifecycle
  • The role of both preventative and detective controls in content-centric security
  • How content-centric security can prevent future information leaks
  • Information on utilization of CAC/PIV based authentication infrastructure
  • The value of content analytics through continuous monitoring
  • How role-based access to content can work independent of storage and transport

This educational breakfast will bring together senior government executives, chief information security officers, and technology and cyber security leaders to discuss how federal agencies are working to adopt new technologies to make 2011 the year of content-centric security.


Pentagon City

1250 South Hayes Street Arlington, VA 22202

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