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There are few topics that attract more attention in Federal Government acquisition than how to improve the effectiveness of information technology (IT) acquisition. Given the volume of annual investment, the need to streamline and better manage acquisition activities, and requirements to obtain information on the continuous changes in contracting methods, governing Federal Acquisition Regulations, and other regulatory guidance, to stay current, Federal acquisition professionals must refresh their knowledge on an ongoing basis.

To support this demand, the Federal IT Acquisition Summit has been designed by and for those in public service to understand their procurement options, learn how they can expand their professional training, and clarify which acquisition resources are available to support their agencies specific business and mission objectives.

Attend this free program and tailor your participation to meet your personal and professional priorities with sessions focused on how to:

  • > Leverage Technology to Streamline and Strengthen Acquisition Processes
  • > Order the Easy Way: Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs)
  • > Seek Professional Help—Assisted Acquisition Options
  • > Utilize Schedules and Large Agency Contracts
  • > Certify and Educate the Acquisition Professional: What's Available?
  • > Support the Acquisition Community through Industry Partner Associations
  • > Understand the Contract Proposal Process from an Industry Perspective

This intensive one-day program will bring together hundreds of Federal procurement personnel and their industry and academic partners to discuss the current issues, consider contracting options, and share best (and worst) practices for IT acquisition today and tomorrow.

There will be six (6) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered for attending this full-day acquisition summit.