During emergencies, it is critical to quickly and accurately notify personnel of threats, provide instructions, and be able to assess in real-time the status of those affected by the circumstance.  Many public organizations, including military facilities, now rely on one of their most pervasive assets—their IP networks—to effectively and instantly reach a mass audience, as well as targeted individuals and groups.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend an informative briefing on how to use installed networks and purpose-designed technologies to manage mass notification for your organization.  Register today for this virtual event hosted by 1105 Media in partnership with Cisco Public Sector and AtHoc, Inc. to discuss what you need to know about Net-Centric Mass Notification and integration with Unified Communications infrastructures.   

This program will cover how large, government installations—from military and civilian agencies, state and local governments, healthcare and educational institutions—are establishing best practices for emergency and non-emergency communications.  This is your opportunity to learn how to leverage IP networks to bi-directionally deliver alerts to VoIP phones, landline and cell phones, computers, text messaging, pagers, digital displays, social networks, indoor/outdoor PA systems, and many other devices.   

Invest an hour in early June to learn how to transform your existing IP Network into a unified emergency mass notification system to ensure consistent, reliable, and flexible updates to your workforce—regardless of their physical location or computing device preference.  Click here to register and begin your tour of tomorrow’s technology—an essential component for managing large, effective enterprises.