Conference Overview

The pace of advancing technology presents a boon and a bane to the Federal workforce, as each new device and innovative computing strategy introduces new vulnerabilities to agency operating environments.  Few would dispute that government networks and information assets are susceptible to compromise, but many are uncertain how to keep pace with evolving threat landscapes, risk assessment options, and mitigation measures.

To address these concerns, Government Computer News hosted this executive program to update your knowledge of the dynamic cyber threats that impact every agency and user.This focused seminar was designed for Federal security, IT, and program management professionals who are looking for cost-effective and trusted methods to improve their cybersecurity situational awareness. 

This GCN Solutions Seminar featured practicing cybersecurity experts who will addressed:

  • the most pervasive and destructive threats agencies are facing
  • how to prepare for and minimize the damage of cyber attacks
  • strategies to detect malware and how to deploy effective mitigation techniques
  • what you need to know about the nature of today‚Äôs cyber threats
  • why it is important to understand threat actor motivations and tactics

This program featured speakers who will address the most current concerns, as well as preventive Federal cybersecurity measures.

Kent Landfield, Director of Content Strategy, Architecture, and Standards with McAfee Labs will cover how to use continuous monitoring and robust data analysis to detect, control and eliminate the malware that every agency encounters. He will share the extensive experience of McAfee Labs to help agencies combat hacking and viruses, protect information assets and applications, and ensure trusted data sharing. 

Steven Chabinsky, Deputy Assistant Director, Cyber at the Federal Bureau of Investigation will address the nature of the threat today and trends of the threat actor as illustrated by recent attacks and attempted cyber-espionage and cyber-crime.  Only by understanding the motives and nature of those behind the most pervasive cyberattacks can security professionals effectively limit unintended access to valuable, privileged information and networks across the public and private sectors. 


Event Information

Thursday, September 13, 2012

8:00  - 11:15 AM 

The Willard InterContinental Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC

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