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Defending sensitive information has never been a higher priority for government and private sector enterprises. Weekly, if not daily, the public is confronted with news of yet another security breach and the story is often all too familiar—private or even highly sensitive information is compromised, and countless individuals are rendered powerless over the control of their most personal information and valuable intellectual property.

While progress is being made to protect networks and data, security professionals are perpetually challenged to address the evolving and dynamic threat landscape that plagues the information systems they defend. As agencies move increasingly towards cloud-based computing and electronic data storage, the need for constant, innovative information protection has become even more apparent.

Given this real-world operating environment, it is essential that Federal Government IT, Program Management and especially security professionals continue to update their knowledge about the available tools, technologies, and proven strategies designed to support them and their information security programs.

Register to watch the FCW Solutions Seminar online video presentation, "Protecting Agency Assets with Trusted Identity Proofing.”

Experts in information protection and cybersecurity will offer their expertise and explain:

  • How and why trusted identities are essential to enabling effective agency business operations
  • Technology trends for risk-based identity verification, e-authentication, and methods for targeting fraudulent activity
  • Why information verification and digital information security are top priorities for every agency and the consequences of not being proactive in this area
  • Sophisticated identify proofing and information security options available now
  • The state of Federal identity management standards and compliance requirements, and why they are important to trusted computing environments
  • Agency progress and plans for GFY2013 to implement effective credential and access management initiatives

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