Complimentary Cybersecurity Virtual Event

The Maginot Line, a massive fortification built to defend the French-German border, was enormous and expensive – and ultimately – utterly ineffectual. The Germans simply flanked the barrier and invaded France. Today, the Line has become synonymous with a well-meaning, but shortsighted strategy that eventually fails.

Join us on October 25th as experts from across government, industry and leading analysts gather to discuss ground-breaking cybersecurity strategies, technologies, and how avoid a cyber Maginot Line.

You will learn critical skills such as:

  • Defending against a cyber Blitzkrieg: successful strategies for detection, prevention and effective responses to the dynamic threat landscape
  • How – and why - the modern day cybersecurity perimeter must evolve
  • Balancing cost with effectiveness: what to expect from your security investment
  • From the cyber frontlines: practical use cases and lessons learned

As your agency spends time and money to defend its cyber borders, how will you ensure your organization avoids a failing fate by relying solely on a deep perimeter to prevent digital breaches?

When you register and attend, you will have complimentary access to downloads and research, live Q&A chat with our online experts, and more.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT