The Maginot Line

Maginot Line

What was the Maginot Line?

Based on their experience in World War I, France built a line of fortifications along its borders with Germany in anticipation of World War II: the Maginot Line, named after the French Minister of War André Maginot. It look the French 9 years to build the Line, which featured state-of-the-art living conditions for garrisoned troops and was impervious to most attacks.

But the Maginot Line failed miserably. Why?

The Germans went around it. They invaded Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The Luftwaffe simply flew over it. The Maginot Line prevented direct attacks, but by avoiding an assault on the Line itself, the Germans were well into France within 5 days.

How can your agency avoid a cyber Maginot Line?

1) Your cybersecurity perimeter must evolve. The defenses of 5 years ago – or 5 months ago – may not be sufficient to protect your data and infrastructure. (Remember France: they used information that was 20 years old to determine their strategy in the hope that things had not changed.)

2) What do you expect from your security investment and at what cost? Is your cyber defense like the Maginot Line – expensive and cumbersome to build, or dynamic and agile?

3) Most importantly: how effective is your cybersecurity strategy from every angle? Are you relying that there will be a single point of attack while cyber terrorists fly over your defenses? Or are hackers taking advantage of an internal breach and attacking from the inside?

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