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Today’s evolving technology landscape presents federal, state and local governments with unique opportunities to increase citizen engagement and drive agency efficiency. The convergence of disruptive technologies is revolutionizing the way citizens and governments communicate and collaborate. But taking advantage of digital technologies like social media, analytics and mobility, will bring challenges. Agencies must consider potential security breaches and how to architect legacy systems across new domains to make data accessible on any device, anywhere and at any time.

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  • Opinions about current trends and policies in digital government technology
  • The impact that mobile is having in the government today—both for its employees and its constituents
  • How reducing paper can deliver greater performance, agility, efficiency, security, and cost savings to agencies of all sizes
  • How to protect citizen data and secure sensitive information in this new world of portable and mobile data
  • How agencies organize, manage, create and measure the delivery of creative assets and content across digital channels, including web, mobile, email, social media, and video
  • Use analytics to identify communication gaps and improve workflows

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