The connected soldier promises to revolutionize the battlefield. With a mobile battlefield network and high-quality data connections, the DoD will be able to increase an individual soldier’s situational awareness, delivering interactive maps, intelligence, video, and critical command information. Even in today’s tight budget environment, this vision has become one of the DoD’s top modernization priorities. The Army recently requested $1 billion for research and development and an additional $2.8 billion for procurement in mobility. To make this a reality, however, leaders will need to confront a question faced by every service: how to deliver secure access to military data from unsecure systems, such as mobile devices.

Today, mobility has already made it onto the battlefield. Troops in Afghanistan are taking their personal smartphones and tablets to the front lines, using local networks for voice and data access. But while these have brought tactical benefits, they have also raised serious security concerns. How can the DoD deliver the benefits of the connected soldier while ensuring that critical information systems remain secure?

Join Defense Systems and VMware for a look at the issues of mobility, security and virtualization for the warfighter. In this special breakfast event, technology experts and military leaders will provide their thoughts and strategies on securing data for the mobile warfighter.

You will learn:

  • What mobility can do for the connected soldier to improve situational awareness and command/control
  • An overview of the latest DoD mobile initiatives and their impact on the wider DoD enterprise
  • How to enhance the tactical capability of mobile devices
  • Unique security challenges facing DoD mobile networks and case studies on how to overcome them
  • The outlook for mobility through 2014 and in the years ahead

Event Information

Thursday, June 6, 2013

7:00AM - 11:00AM

FREE for government and military attendees

The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City
1250 S Hayes Street 
Arlington, VA 22202

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