More than 95% of enterprises and government agencies are compromised
and don't know it.

Addressing real-world cyber attacks requires a thorough understanding of operating environments and vulnerabilities, as well as in-depth analysis of advanced threat intelligence. According to Gartner, "organizations face an evolving threat scenario that they are ill-prepared to deal with." Consequently, it is no longer expected or realistic that all intruders will be stopped at the network perimeter. Federal, state, and local agencies are as open to malicious attacks as any private sector enterprise, if not more so.

Today’s imperative is to identify and mitigate threat actors and stop their activities – early and often – before significant data loss or IT infrastructure compromise occurs. To do this, public sector executives and security professionals need to understand the threat landscape, as well as emerging methods to apply creative and effective tools to fortify their cyber defenses. Among the exciting options is dynamic threat intelligence and how tools and techniques can be leveraged to protect and maintain government information and operational integrity.

The 2014 Government Forum addressed how agencies should be Combating 21st Century Cyber Threats. Designed for cybersecurity professionals, agency CIOs and CISOs, IT managers and policymakers, this educational program featured recognized practitioners in the cyber field, including David DeWalt, CEO of FireEye and Kevin Mandia, SVP and COO, FireEye, and Founder of Mandiant. They were joined by colleagues from government and industry who will address keys to mastering the art and science of trusted cyber-defense in today’s environment.

The program provided ample time to network and learn from peers about a number of pressing topics for those working on public sector cybersecurity every day, including:

  • Why traditional security solutions don’t protect your agency from advanced threats
  • How to assess and act on current agency security postures
  • Keys to implementing comprehensive and effective risk management plans
  • Proven methods to protect, detect, contain and resolve targeted attacks
  • Real-world examples of threats to public sector organizations and recommended, pro-active response strategies
  • How to harden agency defenses with continuous monitoring to prevent advanced, zero-day and targeted attacks
  • Methods to integrate threat prevention into complex enterprises to enable active risk analysis, updates, and incident response

In addition, breakout sessions will be offered for our State & Local guests and for those seeking a technology deep-dive. Sessions including:

  • How To Know What's Penetrating Your Defenses
  • Endpoint Threat Protection—The Essentials
  • The Unique Challenges and Strategies for State & Local Security Professionals

1 Based on FireEye end-user data.

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Event Information

Thursday, May 22, 2014

7:30AM - 2:00PM

FREE for government and military attendees

Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
999 Ninth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001