Carol A. Sormilic

Vice President, Global Workforce and Digital Enablement Executive, IBM

Carol A. Sormilic is vice president and transformation executive for IBM’s Global Workforce and Digital Enablement. In this role, she is responsible for the improvement of human resource processes and the design and delivery of both the IBM intranet and the company's presence on the Internet. IBM’s web presence includes the client and brand experience on the Internet and the workforce experience with the intranet. Her overall mission is to enable greater productivity, higher adoption rates of new IT tools and technology and improved user satisfaction. Carol’s scope also includes the transformation of corporate and enterprise functions.

Carol’s previous experiences at IBM include technical and management positions in the Integrated Supply Chain, managing IBM’s transition to Y2K, and acting as the business information executive for the European Sales and Distribution organization. She also spent two years at IBM’s European headquarters in Paris France leading IBM’s transition to the Euro.

From January 2011 to January 2013, Carol relocated from the U.S. to Shanghai, China where she lead her worldwide team while growing the CIO’s office in the Asia-Pacific region. This move helped facilitate Carol’s current mission: Workplace of the Future, which focuses on not only what technology will our workforce need to succeed in the future, but how people will work. The project is exploring elements such as becoming truly global, creating a culture of collaboration, ensuring communications are pervasive, enabling workforce mobility, and understanding the security, privacy, and legal issues.


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