Mindy Landau

Deputy Assistant for Operations, Communications and Performance Management, Office of the Executive Director for Operations, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Currently lead agency wide initiatives, including:

  • working with OMB to comply with legislative mandates that will improve performance measurement at the NRC
  • partnering with OCFO to oversee budget formulation and execution guidance
  • launching a business process improvement program
  • developing public outreach initiatives and related staff guidance
  • creating internal policy and guidance for a broad range of staff activities
  • improving communications with internal and external stakeholders on agency actions and decisions.

Ms. Landau enabled the transfer of the Performance Improvement Officer functions from OCFO to OEDO, in response to an OMB mandate to improve performance measures and metrics in the federal government. Under her oversight, the agency’s Strategic Plan was completely re-written, and includes objectives and strategies that will be integrated into and directly reflected in Business Line Performance Plans and SES Performance Plans. She has greatly streamlined the agency’s quarterly reporting meetings, including developing a framework for reporting by business line rather than by office, and developing guidance for the business lines and partner offices that will enable them to make informed decisions based on actual data and performance.

In addition, Ms. Landau oversees the budget team that works with OCFO on a full range of budget formulation and execution activities, including strategic planning, OMB coordination, funds utilization and programmatic guidance to the staff. The baseline budgeting process and the budget formulation process were greatly streamlined and consolidated into OCFO as part of a business process improvement project under her leadership.

Ms. Landau developed and launched the NRC’s business process improvement program that trains and oversees a cadre of Black Belt specialists, using Lean Six Sigma as a primary methodology. The program has helped to streamline over 50 agency processes and saved thousands of hours of staff time and resources. The program is a model in the federal government as evidenced by our invitation to meet with a variety of individuals across government, including Jeffrey Zients, the Nation’s former Chief Performance Officer, to review and respond to his team’s plans for “Government that Works: Delivering Results for the American People.”

Ms. Landau leads the agency’s internal communications initiatives which provide employees the information they need to do their jobs well, and foster a work environment that values a collaborative working environment, accepts differing views and encourages open communication between managers and staff. Her accomplishments include the launch of the very successful NRC Reporter, the creation of EDO Updates, the creation of the Communications Council and the branding effort that created the NRC logo, and improved guidance to the staff as a method to improve employee and management engagement and communication. The results of the last OIG Safety Culture and Climate Survey revealed that the EDO Updates were the most valuable and informative communication vehicles for the NRC staff.

Her team launched a public meeting facilitation training program, whereby a cadre of trained facilitators enhance public outreach by assisting the staff in guiding, leading and providing feedback on highly visible public meetings in the agency. She also developed the very first policy statement on public meetings which set forth the current categorization system of public meetings, allowing attendees to expect a pre-determined level of participation.

Prior to her assignment in OEDO, she was a Public Affairs Officer responsible for directly responding to media inquiries, developing brochures, and writing web pages, fact sheets and press releases that described a variety of NRC activities. She conducted interviews with the media, developed guidance to the staff on interactions with the media and the public, and launched the very popular, “Student’s Corner” of the NRC website. She also represented the office in emergency preparedness events and drills at the Operations Center.

Early in her career at the NRC, she worked in the Office of State and Tribal Programs where she developed policies for NRC’s coordination with states on a variety of regulatory issues dealing with nuclear materials and nuclear reactors. During that time, she wrote the first-of-a-kind policy that allows states to accompany NRC inspectors on inspections of the facilities within their borders. Over the years, the policy has enabled the NRC to partner more closely with the states in a variety of broad technical areas.

She began her career at the NRC as a safeguards co-op, intern, and then physical security specialist where she assisted in developing the agency’s inspection policies and programs designed to ensure licensed facilities and nuclear materials were protected from potential terrorist activities and sabotage.

She is a graduate of the 2006 Leadership Potential Program and is a May 2006, recipient of the agency’s Meritorious Service Award.

Ms. Landau, a native of Massapequa, N.Y., received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland.

She is married and has one daughter and one son.

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