Most organizations and individuals support the concept of business process improvement. Who could be against working smarter and making employee, customer, and constituent experiences more effective, efficient, and satisfactory? Yet moving large, complex organizations to change how they conduct business is no small undertaking and requires the cooperation and collaboration of many stakeholders with competing interests and outcomes.

The Federal Government is no different from many enterprises when it comes to seeking operational efficiencies and collectively its agencies perform an enormous number of functions and tasks daily and around the globe. Given that kind of mandate, how can agency professionals identify processes that require improvement, simplification, elimination, or other modernization? The answer lies in taking a methodical and objective approach and by leveraging the experience of others to support their efforts to meet mission-specific goals.

Register now to explore these issues in the second Smarter Processes Workshop virtual presentation focused on Reinventing Agency Processes for Streamlined Operations. Featured speakers from government and industry will cover how they are:

  • Building An Effective BPM Playbook
  • Improving Processes in Government Enterprises
  • Designing Smarter Processes by Using Analytics, Mobility and Cloud Applications
  • Getting Started with BPM, Overcoming Obstacles, and Sharing Practical Experience

Register now to view the virtual presentation of this lively dialogue about how your Federal colleagues are making the business case to advance their Business Process Improvement initiatives, what kind of results they are seeing, and how they are evolving processes over time within the contexts of their agency operating environments.

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