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SSA Disability and Health IT
We support the agency’s disability program by providing quality customer-focused, state-of-the-art information technology solutions through efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

SSA IT Earnings, Enumerations and Data Exchanges
We provide the IT resources needed to support new and ongoing initiatives in SSA’s enumeration and earnings processes, workload management and management information (MI), and in the financial, human resources and other administrative activities of the agency.

SSA IT Infrastructure and Architecture
We are responsible for the efficient development of SSA systems, including applications and releases, through the effective use of processes, tools, and services. We provide and support the hardware and software infrastructure for Systems development, testing, and validation. We provide telecommunications and systems operations support that is available, stable, changeable, and securable while delivering 99% overall availability to the user community of the 65 major applications/systems.

SSA IT Information Security
We protect the agency's information technology resources and data, manage risk, and enable the business mission.

SSA IT Applications for Retirement and Supplemental Security Income
We are responsible for programmatic and management information systems which support the Nation’s Retirement and Survivors Insurance program and Medicare enrollment, including initial claims, post-entitlement, payments, audit, integrity review, Treasury operations and notices. We design, develop, coordinate and implement new or redesigned software to meet SSA’s automation needs in the broad area of Title II programmatic processes for earnings, eligibility/entitlement, pay/computations and debt management. We are responsible for long-range planning and analysis to modify existing systems and define new systems for ORSIS in support of the agency’s mission and operational and management information needs. We evaluate the effect of proposed legislation, policies, regulations and management initiatives to determine the impact on these systems and develop requirements and procedures to implement required changes. We also, develop, implement and maintain mission critical software that supports the Supplemental Security Income Systems, Representative Payee Program, Customer Help and Information Program, Management Information/Business Intelligence Systems and Quality Assurance Systems.

SSA IT Electronic Services
We provide secure, accessible and intuitive Internet and Intranet, telephone, and mobile applications to serve the public, businesses, third-parties, agency employees, and other government entities. Through our multiple service delivery channels, we are able to better meet the dynamic needs of our customers. The governance we use has a successful systematic approach for software application development. Our talented and diverse employees act as ambassadors for delivering state of the art technology, to not only satisfy our stakeholders, but ultimately to serve the public who need, depend upon, and deserve our services.

SSA Acquisition and Grants
We are responsible for the SSA-wide acquisition and grants programs in support of the agency mission and strategic goals. We direct the business management aspect of these activities and develops and implements applicable policies, procedures, and directives.

SSA Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Our office was established in October 1979 pursuant to Public Law 95-507, which assigned it the task of fostering the use of small and disadvantaged businesses as Federal contractors. To accomplish this task, we develop and implement appropriate outreach programs aimed at heightening the awareness of the small business community to the contracting opportunities available within SSA. Outreach efforts include sponsoring small business fairs and procurement conferences, as well as participating in trade group seminars, conventions, and other forums that promote the utilization of small and disadvantaged businesses as contractors. We encourage buyers and program officials to consider small businesses, and to support all the socio-economic contracting programs in place under the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Accenture Federal Service (AFS) is one of the four companies supporting the agency under the agency’s largest support services contract. AFS performs all work related to Emerging Technology applications for the agency. AFS performs a variety of tasks related to new technologies and software products including research, evaluation, prototyping, cost benefit analyses, impact analyses, demonstrations, and technical briefings and seminars.

AT&T Government Solutions (AT&T) supports the agency with contact center services in support of their Citizen Access Routing Enterprise 2020 (CARE 2020) program for live-agent service and automated services to meet the changing needs of the public. This platform provides automated telephone applications, self-service features and speech-recognition technology, capacity to route callers for agent service and forecast call volumes, anticipates staffing needs and distributes incoming calls across the network. The CARE 2020 platform has served more than 165 million calls since inception. The core infrastructure is also capable of supporting future enhancements to integrate customer web support to the my Social Security portal to include “Click-to” technologies, video, desktop sharing, dynamic FAQs, eMail, notifications, alerts and texting. AT&T is also the Agency’s primary mobility services provider.

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) is one of the three companies supporting the agency under the Specialized Advisory and Assistance (SAAS) Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA). BAH provides strategic-level expert advice, assistance, and support of the agency’s mission oriented information technology (IT) business functions and initiatives. This area includes Strategic Technology Planning, IT Management Support, IT Related Business Support Services, and Systems Security Advisory Services.

CA Technologies (CA) provides enterprise software, training and support services to enhance SSA’s enterprise-wide productivity across multiple environments—mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe. CA offers flexible DEVOPS and Agile solutions and support services designed to secure, automate and accelerate business service deployment—from planning, development, production to release.

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is one of the four companies supporting the agency under the agency’s largest support services contract. The support CSC provides includes software validation, implementation, development, execution, and maintenance of test automation software and test data tools. In addition, CSC provides technical server support and maintenance and administrative technical support for multiple platforms including Windows, Z Series Operating System (z/OS), UNIX, and WebSphere. CSC also supports SSA’s software engineering community, including users of the Enterprise Software Engineering Facility (ESEF) and the production infrastructures, which include the Management Information Services Facility (MISF), Document Management Facilities (DMF), and Programmatic Processing Facility (PPF).

Lockheed Martin (LM) is one of the four companies supporting the agency under the agency’s largest support services contract. LM has support the agency for over 25 years. LM provides application design, development, unit testing, and maintenance support. Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) activities include, but are not limited to, architecture analysis, technical design alternatives, software design and development, testing, and implementation. Maintenance activities include support to improve production code using reverse engineering, re-engineering, restructuring and conversions, and documentation. In addition, LM provides database administration support for the transition from Master Data Access Method (MADAM) to the modern database management system (DBMS), as well as ongoing database administration for the Oracle and Database 2 (DB2) environments.

Northrop Grumman (NG) is one of the four companies supporting the agency under the agency’s largest support services contract. NG provides application and business planning, analysis, and requirements for new development applications, software maintenance, and software improvement. Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) activities include, but are not limited to, planning, business process analysis and modeling, requirements definition, functional design alternatives, user-centered design, and user-centered testing. In addition, NG provides maintenance support to SSA’s Enterprise Model, Programmatic Repository, and support for Extensible Markup Language (XML) metadata storage. NG also provides support under the agency’s Enterprise Architecture including planning, research, analysis, design, report generation, project management, and technical support for enterprise architecture tool integration, application portfolio management tool integration, XML strategy, and enterprise architecture Web site enhancement and maintenance.

Salient CRGT supports the agency’s Agile and Analytics needs under the Business Intelligence Analytics Consulting (BIAC) and Agile Support Services contracts. Salient CRGT provides thought leadership through the creation of the enterprise BI Tool, Center of Excellence strategies, manages the enterprise BI tool infrastructure, and delivers Advanced Data Analytics Lab (ADAL) training. Salient CRGT also provides Agile best practices training, and helps solve core challenges when scaling Agile to the Program and Portfolio levels on key programs like the Disability Claims Processing System (DCPS).

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