Security Procedures

Only pre-registered attendees will be given access to the facility. NO ONSITE REGISTRATION. Registration is available here.

All attendees must park in the designated area. Your car may be towed if you fail to park in the designated area.

Laptops are not permitted.

Photography and video recording is prohibited.

All attendees must have a government picture identification card to enter the building. The name on your picture identification must match the name you provided during registration.

Security Officers at the specified conference entrance will assist you through security procedures.

You will be required to proceed through a metal detector. Bags, purses, brief cases will be screened. In order for this to be an efficient process, please follow these guidelines:

  • No weapons of any type are allowed.
  • No knives, scissors or anything with a cutting edge may be brought into the building.
  • Please remove jewelry and watches before proceeding through the metal detector. Place these items in your bags or place them in the trays provided by the Security Officer before you go through the metal detector. This will save you time and prevent you from having to be scanned a second time with a hand-held wand.
  • No aerosol containers are permitted.

Attendees will only be permitted access to the conference area. If an attendee is found without an escort outside the conference area, the attendee may be asked to leave the building.

Event Information

Friday, October 23, 2015

Registration & Exhibits:
7:00AM - 8:20AM
Presentation & Exhibits:
8:20AM - 12:00PM

Now Closed

Social Security Administration
Altmeyer Auditorium
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

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