WT Industry Day:
HHS IT Priorities and Possibilities

The Department of Health and Human Services spends three times more money on IT—a projected $14B in fiscal 2017—than any other civilian department, according to the federal IT Dashboard. And while many agencies are likely to see cuts in the coming year, HHS IT spending is expected to hold nearly steady at $13.8B.

But HHS is not merely treading water. Nearly a third of its IT budget goes to major investments, not operations and maintenance. The department is committed to taking advantage of IT advances to improve its ability to manage its operations and deliver on its mission.

“As new technologies continue to emerge at a rapid pace, opportunities to improve mission-focused activities will emerge,” states the HHS IT Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.

This event brought together leading IT decision-makers from across HHS and its sub-agencies to talk about their priorities, upcoming opportunities and how to navigate the competitive environment.

Whether you are a small business or large, or if you are seeking prime contracting opportunities or a role as a leading subcontractor, our industry day will provide critical insights and information that you need to position yourself to win and succeed at HHS.

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